My Trip to Spain

Posted by: | Posted on: December 24, 2017

I’ve been to many European countries. Often times, people ask me which country has been my favorite to visit. When I think about Europe, it’s hard to choose. This is because European countries are so similar to each other. At the same time, they all have differences. Languages, foods, and cultures are specific to each country. France is known for its wine and cheese. Germany is known for its beer and sausages. There is so much diversity it’s hard to pick any one country. But one of my favorite countries is Spain.

I’ve actually been to Spain twice! And I loved both times I was there. I’ve been to both Barcelona and Cartagena. This isn’t to be confused with Cartagena, Colombia, which I would also love to visit. ¬†Even though I liked Cartagena, Spain, I’m sure I might like Cartagena, Colombia even more. A quick search of Cartagena, Colombia shows beaches, blue waters, great food, and sunny days. That’s amazing! That’s my type of vacation. But Cartagena, Spain was great too.

When I was in Cartagena there was also the sun, great food, and beaches. I did not go to the beach, however. But I did eat some amazing food. Spain is known for its “tapas”. And I ate plenty of those. Bread was topped with meats, cheeses, and assorted jams. It was amazing! I also played pool, which Europeans call billiards.

Spain, at least the southern coast, rests on the Mediterranean Sea. That’s basically Europe’s version of the Caribbean, although the Caribbean is a bit warmer because it’s closer to the equator. Planning a trip soon? Consider Spain! If you love tapas, warm weather, and beaches, Cartagena is probably a great option for you. Just go online and start searching for some travel deals. With gas prices so low, you’re bound to find some affordable flights!

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