My Last Trip

Posted by: | Posted on: December 5, 2017

My last international trip was to Puerto Rico. Some will find it intriguing that I am calling this international travel. They may think that Puerto Rico is a US territory. This is true. They may also think that Puerto Rico is a country. This is also true. How confusing! The purpose of this entry isn’t to delve into the history of Puerto Rico’s uncommon status. Instead, I’d like to share some great things from my trip.

I was in Puerto Rico a few months ago, in August.Thankfully, I was able to leave right before the hurricane hit. Actually, Puerto Rico was hit by two hurricanes, one right after the other. If I was there during that time, I would probably be trapped for days, even weeks. As of this writing, just over half of the island country has power. It’s going to be a very slow recovery for many reasons.

But when I was there the sun was shining, people were generally happy, and life was good. Whatever people thought about life in Puerto Rico when I was there, it was better then than how it is right now. They don’t talk about it in the news much anymore, but people still have to wait in long lines at the gas station.

Because Puerto Rico is an island country I spent some days on the beach. I rented a car so it was easy for me to get around the island. On one of the days, I spent some time in Old San Juan, which is a very touristy area of the country. Old San Juan has a large port which cruise ships commonly dock into.

I love the food, people, and culture of Puerto Rico. Because of the recent hurricanes, it will probably be a while until I return. However, I hope that Puerto Rico rebuilds to become better than ever.

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