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Reasons to Love England

The British Monarchy

The Royal Family dates all the way back to 1603, though England and Scotland had their own line of royalty as far as 757AD. It’s only natural that it has a rich and lush history, recorded in the Royal Collections, Royal Residences, and Royal Attractions. British Royals have long fascinated the media, but even if you don’t see them yourself, you take part in the grand Royal celebrations.

Famous Landmarks

You’ll see plenty of iconic places in Britain, including Big Ben. The name is often referred to the clock tower on the Houses of Parliament, but Big Ben is actually the bell inside! You’ll also see the London Eye, Blackpool Tower, and Brighton Pier.

Extensive Architecture

England is a mix of modern and ancient architecture, standing together, intermingling centuries of progress in every corner. From the ancient Roman baths, to the Uber modern Shard, England’s eclectic architecture gives it a unique style.

The Oldest Department Store in the World

Though it’s up to debate, it’s popularly held that the Austins in Derry, Northern Ireland, is the oldest department store ever, established way back during the 1830s.

Majestic Churches and Cathedrals

Many of the cathedrals and churches in Britain are places any visitor should see. From York Minster, Liverpool Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey, these are only some of the most well-known cathedrals among many.

The London Underground

The London Underground was the first railway station to operate mainly below the surface. It was opened to the public in 1863. It accommodates 1.265 billion passengers each year, and it’s 402 km long! The tube stops are iconic in London. Visitors can discover its interesting history at the London Transport Museum.

Legends and Myths

Having a storied past, England is rich in myths and legends. See for yourself if Loch Ness truly exists; uncover the secrets of King Arthur; and visit Nottingham to hear tales of Robin Hood’s adventures.

Palaces and Castles

With 1,500 castles dotted in the UK, visitors not glimpse how British Royalty lived, they can also explore the past in the castle halls.

Night Outs

The cities all over the UK vie over who has the ‘Best Night Out’ experience. Many say it’s Newcastle and Liverpool. But with nightlife thriving in almost every major city, you’re sure to have a great time wherever you are.