November, 2017

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World Travel

Traveling the world is more than just an idea. We see it in movies. We read it in books. And we hear other people talking about it. But what if you actually decided to book travel?

World travel is a large undertaking. You don’t have to go on a traveling spree all at the same time. There are too many countries for that and it wouldn’t be prudent. Instead, it would be easier to see one country at a time. For the person in high school or college, there is another option. They can join the Navy and see the world for free!

One can to their local library or bookstore to get some travel tips. The first part would be to get educated about the countries out there. There are great countries to visit and some not so great. For example, visiting Seychelles will probably be a trip to remember. On the other hand, going to a country like Syria in 2017 might be the last country the traveler visits.

Once the traveler has a good idea of which countries to visit, it might be a good idea to put them in order. Italy or Japan might be high on the list to see. It might also be a good idea to make a 10-year plan. The traveler could make it a goal to see one country each year.

It would be prudent to write down tips for each country before visiting. What foods would be good to try? What sites would be good to see? It’s also a good idea to read up on any local laws. For some reason, it’s not a good idea to take pictures of police in China! You won’t want to learn that the hard way. For more information on world travel, watch the video below.