Holiday Travel

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If you want to travel during the worst time of the year, travel during the holidays. But don’t let that discourage you! Traveling is always fun. Continue reading to learn about some tips regarding traveling during the holidays.

Now, it depends on where you are traveling to. And it also depends on how you are traveling. It even depends on what time you are traveling. Are these enough factors for you? Yes, it may be. However, answering these questions will help prepare you for a successful trip.

I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I don’t want any issues. Traveling is stressful enough when traveling by yourself. But what if you’re traveling with family. What if you’re traveling with children. You’ll have to think of ways to entertain them if your flight gets delayed. What if you’re traveling with a baby or an infant? Get ready and prepared to be carrying extra food and diapers just in case. You never know when plans change at a moments notice.

If you are going to drive, make sure you leave early enough. If the drive is far, make sure you take a break every few hours. You don’t want to have any muscle cramps while you’re driving. It’s also a great idea to get out and stretch a bit. You can do this when you make stops for food. I recommend leaving the house at about 6 or 7 in the morning. And with that, I would advise getting a full night of sleep the night before. Go to bed early. That means you’ll have to have all of your packing done well in advance. The last things that should be packed are things such as toothpaste and deodorant. That’s easy to do first thing in the morning. Good luck and have safe travels!

My Trip to Spain

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I’ve been to many European countries. Often times, people ask me which country has been my favorite to visit. When I think about Europe, it’s hard to choose. This is because European countries are so similar to each other. At the same time, they all have differences. Languages, foods, and cultures are specific to each country. France is known for its wine and cheese. Germany is known for its beer and sausages. There is so much diversity it’s hard to pick any one country. But one of my favorite countries is Spain.

I’ve actually been to Spain twice! And I loved both times I was there. I’ve been to both Barcelona and Cartagena. This isn’t to be confused with Cartagena, Colombia, which I would also love to visit. ¬†Even though I liked Cartagena, Spain, I’m sure I might like Cartagena, Colombia even more. A quick search of Cartagena, Colombia shows beaches, blue waters, great food, and sunny days. That’s amazing! That’s my type of vacation. But Cartagena, Spain was great too.

When I was in Cartagena there was also the sun, great food, and beaches. I did not go to the beach, however. But I did eat some amazing food. Spain is known for its “tapas”. And I ate plenty of those. Bread was topped with meats, cheeses, and assorted jams. It was amazing! I also played pool, which Europeans call billiards.

Spain, at least the southern coast, rests on the Mediterranean Sea. That’s basically Europe’s version of the Caribbean, although the Caribbean is a bit warmer because it’s closer to the equator. Planning a trip soon? Consider Spain! If you love tapas, warm weather, and beaches, Cartagena is probably a great option for you. Just go online and start searching for some travel deals. With gas prices so low, you’re bound to find some affordable flights!

My French Trip

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A few years ago, I went to France. I think I was around 25 years old. Like anyone visiting that beautiful country, there are certain things that everyone should try. By this, I am specifically talking about the bread, wine, and cheese. Those are staples! But France does food the right away.

Maybe it’s the skill of the bakers. Maybe it’s the water. By the way, water in Europe is different than water in America. Europe has more stringent rules with water. Their water treatment laws are more demanding than those in America.

Many things are different in Europe. For example, the public transportation system is known to be better than ours. In my experience, I know this to be true. Specifically, I enjoyed the train system. I took the train from Cherbourg to Paris. To my surprise, the trains had nice carpeting and lounges. This was the public train! The trains ran all day and night. They were also very fast. I think one could purchase food or water.

Paris was gorgeous. Or maybe I think so because I saw the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Here’s a fun fact: there is a restaurant near the top of the Eiffel Tower. I did not eat there, but I’m sure the food is wonderful. I’d also imagine one has to book many months in advance for such a luxurious setting for dinner.

Speaking of food, the French have similar habits for meals. However, some are slightly different. For example, chocolate spread and toast is a common part of breakfast in France. My hotel served this. It was extra delicious because the French are known for their tasty breads. And, yes, the wine was fabulous. I highly recommend any world traveler to make their way to France. It is one of my favorite countries to visit.

My Last Trip

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My last international trip was to Puerto Rico. Some will find it intriguing that I am calling this international travel. They may think that Puerto Rico is a US territory. This is true. They may also think that Puerto Rico is a country. This is also true. How confusing! The purpose of this entry isn’t to delve into the history of Puerto Rico’s uncommon status. Instead, I’d like to share some great things from my trip.

I was in Puerto Rico a few months ago, in August.Thankfully, I was able to leave right before the hurricane hit. Actually, Puerto Rico was hit by two hurricanes, one right after the other. If I was there during that time, I would probably be trapped for days, even weeks. As of this writing, just over half of the island country has power. It’s going to be a very slow recovery for many reasons.

But when I was there the sun was shining, people were generally happy, and life was good. Whatever people thought about life in Puerto Rico when I was there, it was better then than how it is right now. They don’t talk about it in the news much anymore, but people still have to wait in long lines at the gas station.

Because Puerto Rico is an island country I spent some days on the beach. I rented a car so it was easy for me to get around the island. On one of the days, I spent some time in Old San Juan, which is a very touristy area of the country. Old San Juan has a large port which cruise ships commonly dock into.

I love the food, people, and culture of Puerto Rico. Because of the recent hurricanes, it will probably be a while until I return. However, I hope that Puerto Rico rebuilds to become better than ever.

World Travel

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Traveling the world is more than just an idea. We see it in movies. We read it in books. And we hear other people talking about it. But what if you actually decided to book travel?

World travel is a large undertaking. You don’t have to go on a traveling spree all at the same time. There are too many countries for that and it wouldn’t be prudent. Instead, it would be easier to see one country at a time. For the person in high school or college, there is another option. They can join the Navy and see the world for free!

One can to their local library or bookstore to get some travel tips. The first part would be to get educated about the countries out there. There are great countries to visit and some not so great. For example, visiting Seychelles will probably be a trip to remember. On the other hand, going to a country like Syria in 2017 might be the last country the traveler visits.

Once the traveler has a good idea of which countries to visit, it might be a good idea to put them in order. Italy or Japan might be high on the list to see. It might also be a good idea to make a 10-year plan. The traveler could make it a goal to see one country each year.

It would be prudent to write down tips for each country before visiting. What foods would be good to try? What sites would be good to see? It’s also a good idea to read up on any local laws. For some reason, it’s not a good idea to take pictures of police in China! You won’t want to learn that the hard way. For more information on world travel, watch the video below.